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Cities and Historic monument

This relatively small town has a lot to offer tourists and visitors. From ancient chateaus to beautiful nature. You can easily spend a day discovering the city and the area around Argentonnay which is located at a 40-minute drive from our Gîte. Have a lovely walk through the town centre to admire the architecture of the catholic church dating back to the 1100s. Just outside of Argentonnay you’ll find the impressive and well-maintained ruins of chateau Ebaupinay which is worth a visit including a guided tour to learn more about the history and its inhabitants throughout the centuries. Chateau de Sanzay isn’t as well maintained as chateau de l’Ebaupinay, since only the entrance gate and towers are still standing, however, this is made up by the very cosy courtyard where you can have drinks and look around in the courtyard shop. Also, the area around Chateau de Sanzay is beautiful to have a walk around in nature. Lastly, La Passerelle d’ Auzay is a natural site in this area worth looking at.

Château de Bressuire

Favorites, Historic monument, and Sights

The visible ruins of this castle date back to the 12th century and are very impressive to see. The medieval military architecture is still recognizable and within the castle court, a beautiful chateau has been built in the 1800s nowadays housing an art gallery and museum. When you wander around the garden, you’ll have a beautiful view of the city, find a rose garden with all kinds of roses, art sculptures and an impressive kitchen garden.

Jardin des Abiès

Activities, Historic monument, Sights, and Walking

A small park, located in l’Absie. This park is special for its microclimate which enables the cultivation of original species such as conifers and acidophilic plants. There are multiple trees in this park that are over hundreds of years old. Even though you walk through this park in about 10 minutes this place is definitely worth a visit for its remarkable trees. It’s also possible to combine visiting the park with a visit to the Eglise Abbatiale Notre-Dame, a monumental church located on the side of the park. The church has a history dating back to the 1100s and features medieval mural paintings inside. Visiting the church, however, is only possible with an appointment that can be made on the website by filling out a form.

L’île du Leydet

Activities and Boat rentals

Get adventurous and rent a stand-up paddleboard or kayak to discover the river La Sevre Nantaise. Their prices start at € 7,- per hour up to € 22,-  per day. The nearby Chateau de la forêt sur Sèvre is amazing to give a visit from the water and this can be done in two hours back and forth.

La Coupe Gorge

Bars and Food & Drinks

Enjoy a small but delicious range of craft beers made in the brasserie of La Coupe Gorge. This little bar in Parthenay is located just next to the old gate Porte Saint-Jacques along the river. They have a warm interior with a small stage where you can often enjoy live music. Also during the summer, their outside terrace along the river is a must-visit. If you want an extra special experience make sure to check their events calendar to see when live performances or art exhibitions take place.

La Petite Noisette

Favorites, Local and seasonal, and Restaurants

La Petite Noisette is one of the nearest restaurants to La maison des douves. At this restaurant, you’ll find dishes that are made with local and seasonal products of high quality for a reasonable price. Make sure to put in a reservation beforehand because this restaurant is often fully booked!

Le Collibert 2

Lunch and Restaurants

A restaurant and a cruise in one. A special dining out experience in the Marais Poitevin. Enjoy the tasty lunch menu, see the unique natural site from the water and learn about the history while cruising the labyrinth of canals. The cruise leaves at 11:45 am and returns to the harbor at 15:30 pm and is available between April and October.

Le Passage de la Venise Verte

Activities and Boat rentals

Discover the Green Venice, a.k.a Marais Poitevin with a rental boat. You can either choose a canoe to paddle around yourself or rent a motorboat for five up to twelve people. A boat license isn’t necessary for any of the options they provide. They are open from the start of May until the end of the summer. Make sure to reserve your boat online using their website which is also available in English.

Le Pont Romain

Activities, Biking, Historic monument, Sights, and Walking

Visit this ancient Roman bridge surrounded by beautiful nature. There are picnic areas nearby to take a little break. After your break, you can follow multiple hiking- or biking routes from this point. A perfect place to spend a sunny day in lovely nature.

Marais Poitevin

Biking, Nature, and Walking

This huge area of marshland also goes by the name of ‘ the Green Venice’. You’ll find a beautiful area with a maze of canals, a true labyrinth of plants and water. It’s perfect to discover by boat but is nice to roam around by foot or bike as well. If you truly want a unique experience it’s also possible to book a guided carriage ride and learn about the unique landscape as you go. If you’re tired from exploring, there are restaurants nearby to rest from your adventures.